Sunday, August 27, 2006


It took a couple of weeks to get rid of all the 60's stuff, break through from my other flat and start digging around in the walls.

Breaking through this thick wall took more than a week, with massive physical effort by my father (thanks so much, dad!) and me. Readers from outside of Europe might be astonished, how massive the average house is constructed in good old Europe...

We were using a portable abrasive cutoff machine to cut through the concrete. Small blocks were formed which were finalized with a chisel, which also came handy for preparing the cable conduits

I had a few demands to these rooms:

1) Wall outlets everywhere

2) Network access everywhere (I could have saved loads of work if just WLAN would have been somewhat secure at that time..). I still don't regret it though, thinking of Gbit-Ethernet

3) Light switches all over the room using impulse relays

4) none of above being optically disturbing

These conduits cross the anteroom to connect to the server housing - the toilet.

Billions of Joules had been burnt so far, and yet billions are to be burnt...

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