Monday, August 28, 2006

Shelves from outer space

I honestly rarely brag about things I've done, but I am really proud of these shelves! The outcome of the construction was exactly what I was planning, everything went smooth and it proved to be a stable and useful design for more than 3 years now.

The design of the shelves had to match the outlines of the desk beneath exactly, to ensure an harmonic optical impression, and to enable an ergonomic work flow.

To guarantee accessibility of the shelves' content, and to produce the feeling of a well-defined space, a sphere was subtracted from the three boards, again using QCad.

To stabilize the construction and to absorb most of the interaction, I used threaded rods to act as suspension. I was pondering using steel cable instead for optical reasons, but I am glad I didn't - The rods are much more stable and look very neat as well.

To make sure there is enough light for working, I installed 6 halogen spots, arranged in a way to provide direct as well as indirect light. This results in a cosy atmosphere.

The main work place is blessed with much light...

...whereas the study place remains in a dim light to ensure optimal reading conditions using a classic bankers lamp.

The girls love this place! So romantic!

But honestly, studying on that place makes it much easier to concentrate!

Now as you can see, after three years of using this place, I already almost maxed out the capacity of the shelves, but still have easy access to anything stored here.

I don't even have to stand up in order to get the print-outs from my extremely silent HP LaserJet 1320 ( This printer is really just super! - a perfect match for my shelves ;D )

Well to be honest, all what I miss here are two 30" Cinema Displays :D

This picture was taken standing in my old flat, looking at this very construction I'm so proud of. If you are interested in how it evolved, scroll down!


Unknown said...

I absolutely love your desk. I am definitely doing something like this when I'm no longer renting. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

your workspace looks awesome.

Unknown said...

i love the office! It looks amazing. You are very talented!

Little Pods Clothing said...

this is beautiful! I wish I had something like this in my own study/craft room

Olave said...

What a nice space! Simply loved this!! Really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That turned out really well!

Katie said...

These shelves are awesome! You deserve to brag.

I love how you have combined functionality with aesthetics.

Anonymous said...

amazing...great lighting

shapewear said...

I love your desk and how organized it looks. I keep on wondering how you made those stable, I mean, I cant see where you put the supports on those shelves. But all in all, I really love the workspace that you made.

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