Sunday, August 27, 2006

Server Room...err Toilet

The next big step was constructing the toilet with integrated server housing.

For optical reasons I decided to use an embedded toilet flush.

The toilet seems to be an ideal place for servers: the noise is not really bothering anyone, music can be played 24/7 (speakers connected to the light switch) and there is enough room, even for bigger machines.

To ensure air flow I drilled several holes into the board, and opened the ventilation shaft at the backside. My servers have been staying cool for 5 years, so it works perfectly.

To emphasize this being a techie toilet, I used perforated metal plates to cover the finished wood. That wasn't what I would call cheap, but it really looks neat!

Two halogen spots provide sufficient light to handle any sort of business.

Servers minding their own business, and playing some nice industrial music.